SABIS® Educational Summer Camp - Bath, U.K.

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of visa does my child need to enter the U.K.?
Children who require a visa to enter the U.K. must apply for a visit visa in order to attend the SABIS® Educational Summer Camp at Ashwicke Hall.
Who will provide me with a letter of invitation?
Parents/Guardians whose children require a visa to enter the U.K. must inform their local school administration. To apply for a visit visa, an invitation letter from Ashwicke Hall is needed and may be collected from your local school. A copy of the letter should be inserted in the camper's passport and presented to the immigration officer at the airport. Ashwicke Hall will only issue the visa letter once the registration fee has been paid.
Who is responsible for making visa arrangements?
Parents/Guardians are responsible for making the visa arrangements for their children. Ashwicke Hall will send an invitation letter to the British Consulate and to the Parents/ Guardians.
You may refer to the “U.K. Visa Requirements” document for further information on the visa application process.


Who escorts children from their home country or country of residence to Heathrow Airport?
If Parents/Guardians are not traveling to the U.K. with their child(ren), then it would be recommended to purchase an “Unaccompanied Minor Service” (UMS). The summer camp team is only responsible for meeting children after the luggage pick-up point at Heathrow Airport and escorting them to Ashwicke Hall. The same procedure is to follow upon departure.
When should my child arrive at Ashwicke Hall for the SABIS® Educational Summer Camp?
Children participating in the SABIS® Educational Summer Camp must arrive at Ashwicke Hall one or two days prior to the start of the camp. Children may not arrive earlier than two days before the start of the camp. Children participating in the last two weeks' program must arrive at Ashwicke Hall one day prior to the start of the camp.
When should my child leave Ashwicke Hall? 
Children participating in the SABIS® Educational Summer Camp must leave Ashwicke Hall one or two days at the latest after the last day of the camp. Children may not stay on at Ashwicke Hall longer than two days after the last day of the camp.
When should my child arrive and leave Ashwicke Hall if he/she is enrolled in the soccer training week? 
Children enrolled in the soccer training week prior to the camp, must arrive at Ashwicke Hall one day before the training week begins.
Children enrolled in the soccer training week after the camp must leave Ashwicke Hall on the very next day of the last day of the training week.
What about the airport transfer between London Heathrow airport and Ashwicke Hall?
Parents/Guardians may arrange for their children to be picked up from London Heathrow airport by a member of staff. Parents/Guardians must inform their local school administration of their children’s flight details at least one week in advance. 
Airport transfers are covered by the fees paid, provided that arrival and departure occur within a period of two days before the camp (one day before the soccer training week or the last two weeks' program) and two days after the camp (one day after the soccer training week). Parents/Guardians will be billed for airport transfers if these occur beyond those days.
What if my child does not arrive through London Heathrow airport?
Transportation from/to other arrival airports can be arranged at an additional cost. Transportation to/from train stations and costs of escort will also be charged.
How can Parents/Guardians contact their child(ren)?
We recommend that Parents/Guardians wait for their child(ren) to contact them first upon their arrival at Ashwicke Hall.


I am worried that my child will lose official papers. Is there somewhere safe they can be deposited? Where do children keep their official papers such as passports and flight tickets?
All official documents, including passports, airline tickets, valuables (if required), and extra cash (if required), are deposited in the camp's fireproof safety deposit box during their stay.
Do my children need additional personal allowance?
Yes, children will need additional allowance for their personal expenses. Parents/Guardians who wish to provide their child(ren) with additional spending money must deposit the desired amount with the Financial Administrator at Ashwicke Hall in advance, who in turn will give it to their child(ren). Parents/Guardians can transfer additional spending money to their children throughout the duration of the camp, in which case they would be required to inform Ashwicke Hall in writing of the transfer details (transfer dates, amounts transferred, name of the financial institution, swift number, etc.).
Should I give my child a credit card?
Ashwicke Hall recommends that Parents/Guardians treat the Summer Camp in the same manner they would treat a visit to a relative overseas and judge the situation accordingly.
How much pocket money should a child bring?
Suggested amount during weekdays (for 5 days)
GBP 50
Suggested amount during weekends (for 2 days)
GBP 60
Maximum amount to be on the camper at any given time
GBP 30 (Weekdays)
GBP 50 (Weekends)
Maximum amount to be kept in the safe for a student
All that they take with them
Parents/Guardians may deposit some extra money for shopping if they wish. Children may withdraw this money on a shopping trip.


Will my child be required to wear a uniform during the Summer Camp?
Yes, campers are required to wear a uniform Monday to Friday, from 8:40 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Campers will not be accepted into class or be permitted to join P.E. sessions unless they are dressed in uniform. Campers may be asked to wear a uniform on some trips.
Will my child be given a uniform?
Yes, campers will be provided with two SABIS® polo-neck shirts, a jacket, and a cap.
Is there a list of required items?
The “Required Items” lists are available on the Summer Camp's website. Parents/Guardians may access and download these lists using their own credentials.
What about laundry facilities? Is this covered in the fees?
Laundry will be done once a week for children according to a schedule. The cost is included in the fees paid.
Ashwicke Hall can arrange for dry cleaning, but this will be at an additional cost.
How is the weather in Bath in the summer?
The weather in Bath is typical of English weather and is often unpredictable. During the summer months, there are many fine and sunny days and the climate is generally warm. However, the weather can be fairly changeable, so children will need a rain jacket for protection. A "Required Items" list is available on the Summer Camp’s website for Parents/Guardians to access and download.


Are there separate dormitories for girls and boys?
Yes, boys and girls are accommodated in separate buildings within Ashwicke Hall. 
How many children stay in the same room?
The number of children in the room varies depending on the size of the room. In general, three to four boys share a room, and four to five girls share a room.
What facilities are in the rooms?
Each room has two en-suite wash basins, a toilet, and a shower, which children will share. Each child has a study table/desk and a wardrobe.
Can my child choose who he/she rooms with?
Yes, campers may request specific roommates, but we cannot guarantee that this will be the case.


What kind of academic programs are going to be given in the Summer Camp?
Students who are required to attend summer school will receive the same courses as they would in their own school. For those who are not required to attend summer school, additional courses in a range of subjects are offered including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, Arabic, English, French, and an SAT course.
Do children have to get their own books and copybooks?
No, Ashwicke Hall will provide children with the required books/e-books, copybooks, and stationery. In special cases, students will be advised to bring certain books with them prior to attending the camp.
In all cases, children are required to bring their own Android tablets with the recommended specifications needed for SABIS® E-books and assessments for 2022, as follows:




Operating System

Android™ Version 12.0 or above

Internal Storage

32 GB or above


8 Core or above

CPU Frequency

1.6 GHz or above

Memory (RAM)

3 GB or above

Screen Size (diagonal)

10.1 inches or above


1920 x 1080 or above

SD Card Supported





Tablets with technical specifications less than the above recommendation may experience slower and/or inconsistent performances while accessing SABIS® tools and products.


Is there a nurse available on campus?
Yes, there will be a nurse available on campus 24/7. For emergency cases, a doctor’s visit can be arranged, and the concerned family will be informed.
Who will be in charge of making sure my child takes his medication as per the prescription?
The nurse or the houseparent, under the supervision of the nurse, will be in charge of making sure medication is taken as per the prescription supplied by a Parent/Guardian.
Who will take the medication from my child as it is not safe to keep it among the children?
All medications must be handed to the nurse. PARENTS/GUARDIANS AND CHILDREN MUST INFORM ASHWICKE HALL OF ANY MEDICATION that needs to be taken throughout the camp.
Do the camp fees cover medical insurance for my child(ren)?
No, we recommend that Parents/Guardians purchase travel insurance and share the documents with Ashwicke Hall. Ashwicke Hall will still attend to all campers’ needs but doctors’ visits, prescriptions, and emergency treatments may be subject to charges to be covered by Parents/Guardians.
Is dental treatment covered?
No, Ashwicke Hall participants do not have dental coverage. If dental treatment is not covered by the travel insurance, Parents/Guardians will be asked to authorize the medical treatment and will receive separate bills for any emergency treatment.
What about COVID-19 measures?
Our staff at Ashwicke Hall are fully vaccinated and COVID-19 precautions are taken on campus.


How many meals will be offered a day?
Campers are offered three balanced and healthy meals every day. There is also a tuck shop open during the morning break for campers to buy snacks. In the evening, the cafeteria remains open for campers who would like to buy extra meals, in addition to the vending machines spread across camp.
Will the food served be “halal”?
Yes, the food served will be “halal.”
What if my child is a vegetarian?
There is always an option for vegetarians at each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).


Can my child use his/her mobile phone?
Yes, campers can use their mobile phones except during class time (between 8:40 a.m. and 1:15 p.m.) and bedtime (between 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.).
Is there internet access at the camp at any time?
Yes, there is internet access at the camp but not at any time. There are two computers in every common room in the dormitory. These may be used during free time. There is also a computer lab with internet access, which will be available daily during scheduled hours in addition to the computers in the library. Children can use their own mobile phones, tablet devices, and PCs to browse the high-speed wireless internet connection that covers all of the camp’s premises at specific times.


What are the trips and the offsite activities?
There are, on average, 2 to 3 trips per week that take place on weekdays (Monday to Thursday). All-day trips take place on the weekends. 
What are the chargeable activities? How much will these costs?
Some activities are only available at an extra charge. These are:
  • Tennis coaching: GBP 10 per half-hour session
  • Music lesson: GBP 15 per half-hour session (piano, guitar and drums)
  • Horseback riding (transportation included):
    GBP 52 per 1-hour session (beginners)
    GBP 94 per 2-hour session (advanced)
    The number of horseback riding sessions taken by a camper should be equal to the number of the camp weeks. If a camper is enrolled in the 2-week program, then he/she must take two sessions (one session per week). If he/she enrolled in the 4-week program, then he/she must take 4 sessions.
Can my children bring their own tennis gear and training at Ashwicke Hall’s tennis courts? Do they have to pay an extra amount for using the court or is it included in the fee?
Students who play tennis are encouraged to continue to do so while at Ashwicke Hall. There are two tennis courts; one is used for training and the other is open to campers to play at their will. It is recommended that regular players bring their own rackets.
How are the camp activities distributed?
Please see the full calendar on the website:
What are the on-campus activities?
Please see a full list available on the website:
How is the camp day divided?
Please see details on the website:


Is my child allowed to come and go as he/she pleases?
Participants are not permitted to leave camp on their own. They may only leave the camp either with camp staff members to attend a scheduled activity or with Parents/Authorized Guardians by acquiring a designated gate pass from the administration.
Am I allowed to visit my child during the camp?                                  
Yes, visits are possible, however, they must be arranged with the camp administration one day in advance. Visiting hours are between 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. so as not to interfere with the campers’ daily activities. We also recommend that Parents/Guardians coordinate with their children to eliminate any conflict with after-study activities.
Will my child be allowed to leave campus on regular days and/or weekends with me or an Authorized Guardian?
Although it is not recommended as children will miss many planned collective activities, Parents/Authorized Guardians may take their children for an off-campus weekend stay. Time-out for an off-campus weekend stay is between Friday 2:00 p.m. and Sunday 8:00 p.m. All departure and return dates and times are to be arranged with the camp administration at least two days in advance. The camp administration will issue special gate passes for children to leave the camp with their Parents/Authorized Guardians.


Does Ashwicke Hall have the right to withdraw a camper?
The camp administrators have the right to request Parents/Guardians to permanently withdraw a camper in the case of persistent and/or serious misbehavior. There will be no refund of fees.
What is the disciplinary standard of Ashwicke Hall?
Ashwicke Hall will maintain a high level of discipline at all times in order for campers to achieve their full potential academically and socially. Ashwicke Hall also provides a safe environment for campers on its grounds and in their dormitories, during any academic or non-academic activity, and outside the campus on trips and excursions.


In case a Parent/Guardian needs to withdraw his/her child from Ashwicke Hall at any time during the camp, will Ashwicke Hall refund them?
In case a Parent/Guardian needs to withdraw their child from Ashwicke Hall at any time before the camp, will Ashwicke Hall refund them?
  • If the administration is informed before May 15, 2023, 50% of the fees will be refunded.
  • If the administration is informed between May 15, 2023 and June 15, 2023, 25% of the fees will be refunded.
  • If the administration is informed any time after June 15, 2023, there will be no refund.
Will Ashwicke Hall refund me if I need to withdraw my child from the soccer training week?
No, a non-refundable fee is deposited with the form for the soccer training week, which must be filled and signed by the Parent/Guardian upon registration.


Who will be my contact person at the Summer Camp in case I need to call and inquire about my child?
It is best to E-mail or and they will redirect your inquiries to the appropriate person. Parents/Guardians may also call Ashwicke Hall at +441225891841 and they will be assisted with their inquiries. Campers will be able to inform their Parents/Guardians how to contact them as well, directly after their arrival.
Who can join the Summer Camp?
The SABIS® Educational Summer Camp is open to both SABIS® and non-SABIS® students who will be entering Grade 6 and above in the next academic year.
What are the documents Ashwicke Hall supplies me?
A) Statement of Account: Parents/Guardians will receive a statement that shows any additional cost(s) charged and their reasons at the end of the camp.
B) Reports: Reports will be available for collection at your local school 1-2 weeks after the end of the Summer Camp. For participants from outside of the SABIS® Network, the reports will be mailed to them.
Will my child be photographed?
Yes, during the camp, photos and videos of various on-campus and off-campus activities will be captured and uploaded on the Summer Camp website and may be uploaded to the camp’s social media pages. Parents/Guardians will be given the opportunity to sign a permission slip allowing or forbidding the use of their children’s photos.
Will I be supplied with credentials to log in to the Summer Camp webpage?
Yes, Parents/Guardians can view their children’s photos, download the Required Items lists, and follow the daily schedule from the camp’s webpage, by using credentials that will be supplied to them in June.

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